We conduct numerous awareness and experiential sharing programs at educational institutions, NGOs, and hospitals, to share the myriad benefits of music therapy intervention to needy beneficiaries. Cytecare Cancer Hospital, Karunashraya, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amara Soundarya Foundation, Asha Special School, St. John’s Hospital, Information Resource Center (IRC), Downs Syndrome Federation, Satya Sai Institution, Snehadhara Foundation are a few to name.

Manasmrithi - (मनस्मृति)

A mindful connection and series of conversations with parents, practitioners, self-advocates, cancer survivors, and caretakers to bring out their real-time challenges. This initiative aims at creating a space for exploring how things were and are in our society & why and also how we could possibly bring about changes to be more inclusive (upcoming initiative).


Saṅkalpā - (सङ्कल्प)

A unique music platform to showcase the talents of exceptionally gifted and skilled children and adults from neuro-diverse communities (upcoming initiative).

Brahmi - (ब्राह्मी)

Go green vocational initiative for adolescents and adults with autism was inaugurated at Lalbagh botanical garden to encourage environmental learning.

  • We perform special thematic concerts for the terminally ill (Karunashraya) and across old age homes (Nightingales’ enrichment center).
  • To enable a strong knowledge base, we conduct case-study presentations/symposiums for promotion/awareness/experiential sharing on Music Psychology & Education and encourage quality-based Music therapy Research by youth Aspirants and Researchers working in the same discipline. Jain Institutions, Deccan International School, Shristi special academy, St Theresa’s School, Berchman’s College (Chaganassery, Kerala), Velvi therapy institute, Meera centre for music therapy, Rotary and the Inner wheel clubs are a few to name.
  • Our annual showcases for all our students, “Nadaprayatna” and “Upasana” are always performed on an inclusive basis across prestigious platforms to build a mutually understanding, respectful, and empathetic community.
  • We simultaneously encourage music education aspirants to pursue their senior and proficiency levels in music and encourage them to perform at recognized sabhas.
  • Veena and vocal ensembles are a common feature at Hamsakutira to promote confidence building, group synchronization and to understand voice and instrument modulation, stage discipline, and other technicalities.
  • Parent's counselling is done on a need-to-need basis to provide support to stressed parents and provide them adequate guidance and coping skills.
  • Learning initiatives for music aspirants on music therapy intervention, psychology of music, sensory processing disorders, assessment & tracking modules, and Carnatic music aesthetics, intricacies of veena playing are being introduced.
  • Dr. Geetha R. Bhat has been contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field of Indian music therapy, psychology, and education by publishing scholarly articles and research papers across reputable academic journals. She has been open to collaborations with other subject experts and practitioners to further enhance the rich knowledge base.
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