About Hamsakutira

Hamsakutira Foundation, a brainchild of Geetha that commenced in 2003, is a center for music education and music psychology and imparts Carnatic music intelligence to normal and Neuro-diverse learners; a foundation set up solely with the noble aim of awareness and promotion of fine arts in society, especially amongst the youth, to understand, appreciate, and carry forth the purity of Indian music to the forthcoming generations and to exemplify the strong significance and benefits through the therapeutic powers of classical music.

The Foundation is associated with institutions and NGOs catering to autism and related developmental disabilities in children and adults and has also collaborated with rehabilitation professionals in the placement of Indian classical music therapy as a successful mode of deriving positive outcomes in treating children and adults over a range of non-musical goals.

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Music gives a soul to the universe,
wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination,
and life to everything.

" Music Gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to
the imagination, and life to everything."

Strategic Vision and Mission

To promote Indian classical music therapy as a non-invasive and alternative intervention in special education institutions, hospitals, hospices, and various other areas where music could be meaningfully used to address a range of non-musical goals.

To collaborate and engage in realistic and scientific research in music therapy, music psychology, and music education by qualified practitioners.


To impart Carnatic music education in a structured and instructional approach among the youth who are passionate to extend the pure essence and significance of Indian classical music to the forthcoming generations.

To formulate a body of qualified music therapy practitioners who are accessible to neurodiverse beneficiaries, cancer patients, cancer survivors, and the like.

To build an association of eminent veena artists to enhance learning and concert platforms for Vainikas and aspirants to preserve and cascade the rich heritage of the traditional Indian strings to the forthcoming generation.

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