"Music Therapy Intervention for Autism and Multiple Disabilities"


This course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to utilize music as a therapeutic tool for individuals with autism and multiple disabilities. The course will explore how music can be used to address communication, social, emotional, cognitive, and motor skill development in individuals with autism and multiple disabilities. Participants will learn various music-based interventions to facilitate growth and progress in these areas. Participants will discover how to create personalized music therapy plans that are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each client. This includes considering the individual's abilities, interests, and therapeutic goals.

"Music Therapy Intervention for Down Syndrome and Learning Disabilities"

Participants will gain insights into the characteristics and challenges associated with Down syndrome and various learning disabilities. The course will delve into the theoretical underpinnings of music therapy and how it can be applied to address specific issues faced by individuals with Down syndrome and learning disabilities. Participants will learn about various music-based interventions that target communication, language development, motor skills, social interaction, and emotional expression apart from learning techniques for improving memory, attention, and academic skills through music-based activities.

"Psychology of Music from an Indian Perspective (Basics)"

The objective of this course is to explore and comprehend musical behavior and experience, encompassing the various aspects involved in the creation, perception, response, and integration of music into daily life. This module will provide an introduction to the fundamental processes that underlie these human abilities. Beginning with an examination of the auditory system's functionality, we will then delve into the comprehension of musical elements like melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre, and other complex structures.

"Indian Music Therapy - Basics and Application"

Understanding Indian music therapy; historical background; myriad benefits to clients, different client populations; education and training requirements; preview of existing music therapy approaches methods, techniques, and orientations; Understanding the brain in music; Understanding the treatment planning and implementation process.

"Exploring the Aesthetics of Indian Carnatic Music"

Exploring the aesthetics of Indian Carnatic music is a journey into the rich and intricate world of one of the oldest and most revered classical music traditions of India. This course requires a deep appreciation for its intricacies, a willingness to delve into its spiritual, philosophical, and emotional depths, and a genuine curiosity to embrace its timeless beauty and cultural significance.

(The commencement dates and the structured framework for these courses will be updated shortly)

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