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"No art stirs emotions so deeply as music. Rasānubhava through music is an experience and has a deep psychological basis."

The importance of music education extends beyond creating professional musicians. It provides individuals with a lifelong appreciation for music, nurtures creativity, enhances cognitive abilities, and contributes to holistic development. By supporting music education, societies can foster a culture that values the arts, promotes well-rounded individuals, and enriches communities with the transformative power of music. Rooted in ancient Indian traditions, Indian classical music therapy has been used for centuries to address various health conditions, alleviate stress, and enhance overall wellness.

" vīṇā vādana tatvajñaḥ śruti jāti viśāradaḥ |
tālajñaśca aprayatnena mokṣamārgaṃ sa gacchati || "
Yājñavalkyasmṛti says that when vīṇā is played as a devotional offering with
flawless śruti, svara and tāla, this itself leads to salvation (mokṣa).


Music is a universal gift and its power to connect people is absolute and self-evident; music is the road to social cohesion.

Hamsakutira imparts Carnatic music education (vocal and veena) in a structured framework for inquisitive music aspirants. Music therapy intervention is provided to address the specific needs of children and adults, effect changes in behavior, and facilitate the development of his/her communication, social/emotional, sensorimotor, and/or cognitive skills; in general the overall emotional and psychological well-being of the individual.

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“Music's resonance, beyond entertainment, has the power to touch lives, evoke emotions,
and create connections that transcend time and boundaries."

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Music transcends all boundaries and brings people together
into a cohesive and inclusive community

Hamsakutira Foundation, a brainchild of Geetha that commenced in 2003, is a center for Music Education and Music Psychology and imparts Carnatic music intelligence to normal and Neuro-diverse learners; A foundation set up solely with the noble aim of awareness and promotion of fine arts in society especially amongst the youth, to understand, appreciate and carry forth the purity of Indian music to the forthcoming generations and to exemplify the strong significance and benefits through the therapeutic powers of classical music.


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Navigating new paths, formalizing curiosity in music therapy research,
and unlocking potential connections

"In the realm of music therapy, the power of sound becomes a catalyst for healing; transforming pain into melody, and restoring the rhythm of life"


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